Why Wooden House ?

Timber is natural resource, an ecological and sustainable building material. For some species, government already re-planted to maintain availability in years to come.
Timber also carries lowest carbon footprint compare to other building material, such as : steel , brick or plastic since it doesn't need high-energy fossil fuels are required to produce it.

Less time means less cost, Wood construction is fast and efficient, since it is ease fabricated. Most of construction and pre-finishing wood work are done in our warehouse. It is almost 90% of completion. Later onsite, we will need only few days / weeks depend on its size to re-assembly the house. Working all on site will cost more than double, since there are transportation and logistic supply issues.

Easy to transport and handling by 2-3. Prefab wooden house is suitable and more efficient for remote area. Problem for remote area's project are mostly transportation and logistic supply, not technical. Wooden House is architectural and structurally designed to be in knock-down system. Each part of house will be divided in panels in transportable sizes and weights for less handling problem.

Wood is a strong natural building material and yet durable when it is properly looked after. It has beautiful of grain and attractive natural appearance as it's aesthetic appeal and insulation qualities too. It is highly machinable and fabricated into many kinds of shapes and sizes to fit any practical need.


We Are Swadesi Bali

We are wooden construction company based in Bali, Indonesia establish since 1999 specialized in coconut wood. Through years, wide range selection of technology, high quality products, competitive price, and our friendly services bring us a path to private buyers, hotels, landscapers, building consultants and contractors, architects in Indonesia and overseas.
Our prime products are: Gazebo, Balinese Rice Barn House, Wooden House, Flooring/Decking, Furniture Interior/Exterior.


Our Service

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice. Our dedicated employees are happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.

We have expert team of Architect , Engineering and Interior to help you to make perfect planning and design for your project, whether it is new or renovation.
We have expert construction’s team , civil engineering both for conventional concrete or wooden houses.Especially for overseas wooden house project , we will visit and guide for installation on site.
These buildings are normally part of main building , next to the pool or garden.
We have experience team of design and contractor for Interior and Exterior Furniture.Wether it is modern or antique , solid wood or plywood with HPL.

We Provide You With An Environmentally Responsible Choice!

Swadesi Bali

Our Project

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

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